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    Who We Are

    We are a group of associations and educational organisations working with the South Africa government, ensuring the highest standards for Energy Healing (as defined elsewhere on this site). Our Qualification is called Natural Remedy Consultant.

    The Energy Healers Organisation is the mandated representative of the Energy Healing sector as per the qualification of Natural Remedy Consultant, and addresses industry issues through:

    • Lobbying and advocacy, we started this process moving way back in 2008
    • Protection of the public good
    • Policy Influence and Direction
    • Ensuring that educational standards are high
    • Ensuring that our members keep a uniform code of conduct
    • Train our member bodies on what to do with CPD and other changes
    • Helping ensure transformation in the sector through accessibility programs for the poor
    • Acting as a constructive catalyst for sustainable change in the sector
    • Engagement with all stakeholders to empower the people
    • Promote the use of Energy Healing Modalities
    • Making the EHO a first port of call for the government, media, regulators and other stakeholders who wish to engage the sector.
    • Increasing the value of representation
    • Amplifying the Energy Healers voice, while minimising the costs of doing so
    • Leveraging  established platforms and channels available within the industry

    We are an organisation who has been chosen by  all the major associations of energy healing modalities to be responsible for their accreditation, assessments, and quality of service feedback to ensure the highest standards.

    We are taking this great honour very seriously and are negotiating with the various bodies involved to make it happen in a way that is fair, accessible, affordable, and protects the public from rogue practitioners as well as be a change agent in the transformation in the industry.

    Over 70 Million People in the USA & UK use complementary and alternative health because they find it effective.

    Legal disclaimer – You are advised to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any course of alternative, complementary, or beauty sessions. Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents our views and not necessarily those of the trademark owners. The use of our forum section is at your own risk, as it may contain advice and information from non-members, who may not share our point of view. Having said that, the methods of healing that you read about on this website may be still in an experimental stage and by using them, you take full responsibility for your own health. If you have a complaint about a member of the Organisation, please contact us.

    How You Benefit

    By supporting the Energy Healers Organisation you benefit  because in this web site you can find resources to improve the quality of your life through various modalities, Which include BodyTalk, MetaPhysics, Kinesiology, Reiki, EFT training and information from many other energy modalities. If you wish to donate, please let us know, maybe we could name a new charitable facility wing in your name.  Seriously, we can do with your help and backing as for  now memberships are free on invitation,donations  are accepted.


    Our Recognised Quality Association Members

    Our members are well-trained people from Recognised Quality Associations who choose to  help others with various modalities  that have shown to be effective and  have been used for efficacious results for helping people overcome or manage almost any physical or emotional condition via Energy Healing.

    NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08 

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