Reiki Association of Southern Africa

    The aim of The Reiki Association of Southern Africa is to promote Reiki in Southern Africa and enhance the client experience. We insist that our Reiki practitioners, Masters and Teachers are equipped to meet the needs of their communities in a spiritual, authentic, holistic and healing way. To consistently ensure the highest level of client experience, we set our requirements accordingly and demand the highest standards of education and training. Our membership requirements reflect this.

    ● Offers support and networking for RASA accredited Reiki Practitioners and Masters

    ● Raises awareness and understanding of Reiki and how it can be used.

    ● Promotes and protects the wellbeing of the public where they have utilised a registered member of RASA.

    ● Investigates complaints relating to the professional conduct of our registered practitioners and teachers.

    ● Sets high standards of education and training, in line with vocational training, ensuring the highest standard of therapy and practice.

    RASA works for the benefit of the Southern African Reiki community and all of its members. We aspire to see the Reiki community, individually and collectively, reach its full potential. This includes efforts to provide a forum for continual growth on professional and personal levels, and as a group, to create support among members in the Reiki community and to raise awareness of Reiki to the general public. RASA’s Website is HERE.

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