Membership is subject to certain policies written up to ensure that the industry is formalised and normalised in line with standard business and ethical practices as well as the protection of the public and practitioners.

Membership application

The Energy Healers Organisation has been set up to help ensure that the Healing Modalities are properly represented and that the Training providers provide the best quality training that is fair, transformative and based on equal opportunity, does not discriminate based on any factors such as race, religion, gender or income.

To apply for Energy Healers Organisation Membership you have to be a Recognised Quality Association a professional body with at least 100 members, Skills Development Providers authorised and approved by your association with all the required legal documentation and standards. Once you have paid your organisations membership fees and passed the inspection, then and only then will your membership be secured for your organisation.

We are subject to government regulations and laws of the country in respect of health and safety so all premisses you provide will have to conform to certain norms and minimums and be fit for the purpose.

If you wish to register as a practitioner please contact your association or if you prefer contact the Energy Healers Association NPO to join.

You are free to choose, all have benefits, some more than others. We prefer those who are inclusive, of course.

You are required to provide proof of your organisation’s legal standing and if you are an association or NPO, NPC please provide all proof of address, leases, (Telkom bills and utility bills, leases) as well as constitution. A full members list is required with all contact details for verification purposes. The government requires that we include racial statistics so please make sure that you record your membership statistics with this included.

You will also be required to sign the codes and ethics for the public good and professional standards.

we require you to have learned certain things and part of our membership is that you read, agree to and sign our strict ethics policy.

Please refresh what we stand for and then download the forms below. Here are some quick navigation links for you to jump to to refresh your memory;

What We Expect of Our Members

Our members are well-trained people who choose to  help others with various modalities  that have shown to be effective and  have been used for efficacious  results for helping people overcome trauma, cope with HIV/AIDS issues, release allergy-like reactions and chronic pain, give up addictions such a smoking, hard drugs, behaviours such as anorexia, bulimia and also just for relaxation and maintenance.

Recommended Retail Price

It is recommended that Practitioner members charge between R650-R1200 for between 1 to 2 hours, and that members can discount according to a sliding scale where needed.

No matter how small it may seem treatment is never free as that shows a lack of respect for those who cannot afford the help.It is recommended that an energy exchange is always given, when there is no cash/barter/ monetary exchange for service.

Application forms and procedure of payment to our account

To Apply please download the forms for membership,  below.

  • Recognised Quality Organisation  – Fee only R1500 per year for the Recognised Quality  Organisation subject to certain conditions and  the agreed fee per EHO Application Form For RQA member as agreed with the Accredited  Organisation Agreement, please check with your original Organisation if they are registered with us.

Make Your Payment – Banking Details

You must reference your payment with your name or the name of your healing/training organisation or simply your name if a sole trader practitioner. Energy Healers Organisation FNB BUSINESS ESSENTIAL ACCOUNT : 62339114902 Branch code 203809 For outside South Africa, SWIFT Bank Code :FIRNZAJJ Please remember if we do not get this payment we cannot complete the application, so make sure your bank sends us notification by email to admin [@at] Energy-Healers-Organisation |dot| . org    in representing you through the  we help you to provide a trusting environment & framework for the public to support you.