Today we have had one of the most productive Board Meetings with committee members and myself as Chairperson.

Hilary Albutt – Chairperson & CEO

The members who attended were, Nicky Davies, EFT Master Trainer & Our Financial Director, the wonderful, Dr Sylvester Gasana PhD (our newest committee member and representative of the Access Bars group, so if you are part of Access Bars please let Dr Gasana help you), the steadfast Suzanne Zacharia, EFT Master Trainer, Reiki Master and Director, Stephen Winkle, the quiet one who is amazing for his dedication and integrity.

A number of things were on the agenda of course, if you have anything you wish attended to , please do contact Suzanne or Dr Gasana or any of the other Organisation Board using the contact form and let us know of your concerns, if need be we will bring them up in the next meeting next month.

Ok so the reason for this posting is to let our members know that Dr Gasana has very kindly offered his valuable time to contact our members and let you all know what the benefits are of being members and some exciting news, which I cannot announce just yet but will be wonderful for the members and friends of the Energy Healers Organisation so to give you just a hint, start saving up.

I want to thank Nicky for coming up with a very good system to ensure accountability with all expenses which she is now responsible for.  As CEO I have to ask to spend money on expenses, this ensures that any donations are accounted for and correctly allocated with her extensive know how and careful record keeping we know where every cent is spent and where it comes from.

Of course there were things in the meeting I cannot yet divulge just yet but I promise you its exciting!  The future is going to be amazing for the members and Organisations who are members of the Energy Healers Organisation.

Just remember one of the benefits is the membership number becomes your practice number once you are authorised to practice once being trained by an authorised Energy Healers Practitioner.

If you are part of an associate Organisation then you get a membership certificate number instead.  This number will stay with you for as long as you remain a paid up member of the Energy Healers Organisation and will never be given to anyone else.

Even after life, we will keep your unique number forever. It will never be allocated to anyone else, this protects you as a member and later as a annual fee paying Practitioner, Master or Master Trainer.

This will entitle the holder to various discounts and amazing healing circle mini- courses where you can for a small donation to the Organisation be presented with your unique Organisation CPD credits slip.  This will then entitle you as a member to other benefits once you reach a certain number of CPD credits. But, shhhh  don’t tell anyone just yet.

Jerome Julisen ordinary member - upgraded to reiki practitioner later

Jerome Julisen ordinary member – upgraded to reiki practitioner later – see below.

So lots to look forward to, remember you can check if someone is authorised to practice or is a healer member by the certificate they get issued which they will display proudly on their wall.

As new practitioners are trained their annual membership fee after passing their graded assessment by the Master Trainer will be issued after being personally done by myself.  Each has a personalised digital signing to verify its authenticity and a bar code to be utilised later with a bar code scanner into our growing database of practitioners and members.

Your name is in Big Bold Green writing with either your membership number or Practitioner Number above or below your practice or membership statement.

As you can see it is possible to upgrade and you keep your membership number as a Practitioner number – look at the differences between the two certificates.

Jerome Julisen upgraded to reiki practitioner

Jerome Julisen upgraded to reiki practitioner


This engenders trust and also helps the public to know that you have signed the codes and ethics and you adhere to the highest standards and have agreed in thos codes and ethics to be bound by them in order to provide a safe environment for your clients to be seen in that complies with all the regulations as set down.

This also means that its just another benefit of being a Practitioner, Member or Master and Master Trainer with the Energy Healers Organisation.

We work very hard and many hours everyday to help you to get the recognition that you should get for your dedication to helping people have better lives and through empowering you we are obeying our mandate as given to us by the people who put their faith in the vision and mission we have set out to achieve.


So again, thank you to the team, the committee who put in many many hours of work unpaid to help our community grow.  Thank you for your time and support.  Please do stay in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.  If you would like to show your appreciation of course we would love to see your donation.

Every little bit helps.

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