We had a meeting with govt yesterday, our RQA members, SABA, ASKSA were also there in support as I asked for the RQA’s to attend. Two modalities could not attend.

    Yesterday (19th January 2016) was not much of a surprise, although sadly disappointed with some issues, we run a democratic process and will always come back to you with the changes and how they really affect you and your members.

    Our grandfathering plan has been accepted and so you have benefited already because of our efforts.

    The Govt decided that the HWSETA will be the AQP (Assessment quality partner) and provide that service.

    This will result in a cost increase the Energy Healers Organisation NPO will move & work hard  to reduce for our members.

     In short, there is a back up plan.

    We already have an office that is approved by govt and so does not need to be inspected again as being suitable. One of our RQA members, the Meta Varsity has facilities nationwide that can serve if you are near (please see our web site for the listings of where you can hire facilities to train students) and other members can also do the same in JHB and the PWV areas as well as elsewhere.

    There are now also added additional costs to the process we had hoped to keep off the table, these were exactly the risks the EHO knew would happen if the govt ran the show IRO of the administrative operation.

    I sent you  the assessment application forms already, please do act on them asap.

    We will be doing our industry body application within the next month or so (completion of course depends on Govt) and the Energy Healers Organisation will continue to be the industry body to help protect and empower our members.

    Because we stand together, others will not be able to exclude any of us in the future,
    when govt will eventually change its direction towards a centralised system they had twenty years ago.  Because you are part of the team that started this whole ball rolling you are part of our body of experts that have to be consulted.

    With us  all our members will be included in all the decisions and be empowered.

    Longer term forward planning

    Our vision of an international foot-print will help you to spread your modality in areas that you never thought were possible, all because you are part of the EHO.
    Please remember the EHO is only for national and international bodies to join.

    (To sign up as an individual member, you need to send people to sign up to one of our verified and trustworthy RQA’s, example link provided to find our RQA’s please click on the other link above)

    The benefits for Joining the EHO for the prospective applicant Recognised Quality Associations are simple.

    1. We already have facilities that are govt approved.
    2. By joining the Energy Healers Organisation, your association gets benefits that would cost you thousands to get compliant for a fraction of the cost
    3.  and that money then get s raised goes partly towards keeping the EHO running.
    4. Your other memberships to organisations that are not part of your association or ours, then can stop and you save money.
    5. We are working on getting our members the cheapest most cost effective professional indemnity insurance that will be valid in any western country that you operate in.
    6. We have always kept our promises and to date, that has never changed.
    7. We promote all our RQA’s and send people your way.

    The list is long and I can think of a few more, I respect that you are very busy, but one more thought, with our bigger organisation, couldn’t you do with our full team’s help? Once we are registered as the industry body we already are, officially, it will make it easier for your members to get govt recognition as explained above and because we are the de-facto industry body, can you afford to go it alone?

    We can help you to carry the load far easier, its something to think about when you are part of our team. If you need our help, just ask for it.

    We are busy working up a standardised welcome pack which you can use as a guide to write your own module material, in-line with the standards we helped to write, if you are not sure about yours, just ask, we probably already have a good idea what you need and can email it to you in a usable format.

    Once we have completed this welcome pack you can use let us know what you want included and we can save you the hassle and submit for you. Just let me know what you want and I will ask our team to help.

    Warm Regards

    Hilary Albutt – CEO Energy Healers Organisation NPC
    NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08
    Tax exempt Number /Public Benefit Organisation 930047036
    E-fax 086 660 9766

    NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08
    Tax exempt Number /Public Benefit Organisation 930047036

    Bank Details for donations by bank transfer,
    please preface with your reference
    Account Holder:Energy Healers Association.

    Branch Code:203809
    First National Bank of South Africa(ZA)

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