Thank you for your support over the past years.

    healersLogo-230x300I want to thank our committee members for all their hard work over the years.

    I also wish to remind our practitioners and Master Trainers who are due to renew membership of the benefits you have at your disposal.

    Not forgetting, the goal of the Energy Healers Organisation PBO PNC NPO is to bring these techniques & get govt approval, this means jobs and employment opportunities for those who do not wish to run your own practices.

    This is only possible because you supported your Organisation.   Part of that support is your annual membership and unique practitioner certificate numbers.  Part of the process which we are working towards, is getting medical aids’ and insurance companies to accept us as the professional body authority and as we are also going for the official function of being your registered professional body and are due to undergo an inspection in a couple of days.

    Please do continue showing your support by updating your membership and doing your CPD credits to keep up to date, because later on, the benefits you will get are going to be huge.  I cannot divulge all those details for obvious reasons but needless to say you will be rewarded handsomely for your support in the years to come.

    For those who are practitioners,  your membership is R300 annually, for Trainers its R500 per year.

    The bank details :

    Account Holder:Energy Healers Organisation.

    Branch Code:203809
    First National Bank of South Africa(ZA)

    You get a whole host of benefits which I urge you to use.

    We spend a lot of money doing advertising and this is part of what you benefit from, so any special offers you have, please do send them to Suzanne @ energy-healers-Organisation.org or to myself, Hilary, so we may put up your adverts.

    Please send text and images which you have the copyright to use. (if you do not know what this means, please only send artwork you have made yourself or photographs you have taken).

    We also have facebook group and pages for you to get the benefit of our support for our practitioners such as discount commercial room rentals of R250 per day for a monthly contract for members and R260 per day for non-members (this service will be increased later on as we see what support it gets from the community). The money you spend on the commercial room rental is for a fully kitted out room and goes towards helping the Organisation keep its offices open.

    Thank you again for your support, please remember that we also update your practitioner profile when I issue the new certificate for the next year of your membership (they look different every year for security reasons).

    For all new certificates, please also send me a copy of your ID and a new photo as you will see from Rolene Sher who just renewed her membership as did Jerome Juliesen who are both very good practitioners for you to refer people to. Please remember that your paid up membership allows you to use our banner, showing people that you are approved members. This helps to build up trust and affords the public a path to feel safer for sing your services.  Remember to hang your certificate up on your wall every year.

    As you see from the example, this is now listed in the practitioner section of the web site, Rolene’s picture is there as well as the bar code and practitioner certificate, these all help to reassure the public that we are not “fly by nighters”.  We also have a PBO tax reference number, so for anyone who has a corporate donor who wishes to help the community we  run charity projects to help the poor & vulnerable women in our society, these projects are not funded by membership fees and only by donations, such donations given with no expectation of work in kind are issued with a tax certificate.I wish to thank Heart Resonance Trainer, Gavin Cruickshank for his kind donation in support of the work the Energy Healers Organisation is doing,  Gavin will be getting a tax receipt this month in accordance with the regulations.

    Thank you Gavin for your generous donation, it is most welcome. It is because people like you have such foresight we have achieved what we can for you.

    Thank you to you all for continuing to support your Organisation in our community’s journey towards recognition and respect from the public.

    This would not be possible without you.

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