Hello again, I was doing some of my street energy healing today.

    I think you might find this one interesting as it was fascinating to me what happened next. I was in a local mall and  I noticed someone in pain.  I stopped her and asked her if I could help.  She ascribed her sore neck to long hours at work. I explained I might be able to help if she was prepared to let me try. Using a combination of Reiki and EFT tapping I sensed she was very tired and put my one hand on her neck and held her left hand. Her neck was like thick steel chords that were at breaking point.

    As I was standing quietly doing the energy healing a young woman came up to me and asked if I was praying. Puzzled I smiled and said no, but that she was welcome to do so if she wished. So I was very kindly helped by concerned citizens, I accepted the help of the three faithful.

    The person  I think was her father took the recipients hand above the wrist – I stopped and took his hand, put it on her skin to enable the skin contact to make sure that the connection was strong and then he made a circuit with his wife who was in turn connected to the lovely young person who was the end of that line,I  took the lead and asked that they form a circle with me at the end to close the connection. Very puzzled they agreed to do this.

    They started to chant and pray and I could feel the build up of energy flowing through me into the recipient.As she bent her neck to join in and pray, I continued tapping and doing Reiki energy healing and I could feel the muscles in her neck and shoulder relax and the tension lessen. Her neck straightened and she did seem observably in less pain. She was able to move her arm with no pain from what I observed was visibly relieved. I asked her if her pain was better,the recipient reported that her pain had lessened. Indeed her neck was straighter and she seemed more relaxed. The lovely people who helped were very puzzled.

    Energy Healers Organisation LogoI explained that I was an energy healer and that prayer produced very powerful energy and to someone like me they acted like a battery which I could use to help the person who needed it because I was merely a conduit.

    I never ask for money or payment in any way and I was glad to be able to help someone who needed it, it was interesting to me that someone else who it seems is sensitive to energy (not that she knows it yet) offered to help, even though she did not understand what I was doing, I loved that she felt free enough to ask to help.  What wonderful people.

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