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    Reiki is made up of two parts – the Rei and the ki. The first part means “spirit” and the ki is the same as chi or “energy”. Reiki is also known a universal life energy.

    Reiki is a method of healing and a way of life. The spiritual growth aspect of Reiki is at least as important as the laying-on of hands aspect.

    Reiki as in the laying-on of hands energy can be felt where the healer’s hands are or somewhere else. For example, the healer’s hands could be at the head and the healee may feel it at their feet. Reiki can be felt in many different manifestations. These are:

    • An earth element that can be felt as hot or cold. And earth here means the earth dimension rather than the physical earth as in the ground under your feet or the planet Earth. Earth energy is grounding and stabilizing.
    • A fire element that can be hot, tingling or like an electrical feeling. This element can burn through blockages and is sometimes called Sakara.
    • A water element that can be wave-like or intensely cold. This element is a deep-healing one and is sometimes called Sophi-el.
    • An air element that is connected to the psychic or angelic realm. It can be felt like a cool and gentle breeze, and the healer and/or healee may experience it as visions of angels, the voice of a spirit guide or as a close connection with God/the Universe. This element is sometimes referred to as Angeliclight.

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    The History of Your Reiki Lineage Cape Town

    Reiki as we know it has been founded by Mikao Usui, respectfully called Usui Sensei or Dr Usui. He lived in Japan, born in 1865 and passed away in 1926.

    Stories abound about Usui. It is said that he was the dean of a theosophical university in Japan, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Monk, and many other descriptions.

    What everyone does seem to agree on is that Usui learned from ancient texts and then carried out a fasting meditation on top of a mountain for 21 days, where he somehow received a healing empowerment. Some say this was due to getting struck by lightening on the 21st day.

    Usui founded a Reiki clinic in Japan and passed on the Reiki teaching and empowerment to others. One of those were Chujiro Hayashi.

    In the early 1930’s, a Hawaiian lady called Hawayo Takata traveled to Japan and was cured of a tumor at the Reiki clinic. Naturally, upon discovering such a method, one would want to go out and heal the world! Chujiro Hayashi trained her, and she is the source of much of the Reiki practiced in the West today.

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