Street Tapping & Reiki

    In helping that young man to stop stuttering I knew (from personal experience) that it would take time for him to gain confidence and start being fully who he is supposed to be. Now I do not know what triggered the behaviour but what shocked me is that he had been told he would never be able to be rid of it.

    In my experience this is just rubbish. Luckily I now have the techniques to help others.

    Emotional Freedom techniques is one such and when combined with Reiki become even more powerful and effective.

    Hilary Albutt – Chairperson & CEO

    A sensitive practitioner well versed in both techniques,will know when the EFT is working because while working with EFT and Reiki you learn that as a practitioner you can also ‘sense’ in sympathy with your client what they feel and so help them achieve better lasting results.

    I have followed up with “D” to monitor his progress and in chatting with him, he tells me that his mother is astounded that such a simple technique (EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) has worked so well.

    I am not surprised because its simple science, a little bit of understanding and a fellow ex-sufferer and a lot of love.

    Because I love people and accept them as they are I try very hard not to put my issues ‘on to’ them when helping, its about them and not about me.

    As someone who chooses not to run a full time practice,as I feel its not ethical for the Chairperson to compete against other members, I choose to help by doing the street tapping & Reiki.

    This means everybody benefits, the community, the people on the street (some of whom cannot afford a full price Reiki or EFT practitioners fee RRP of R1200 for up to two hours) who get it right there and then, I ask them to make a donation and to tell their friends.

    So please do let people know that there is help available, not for free as we do not believe in doing that thing of enslaving people to free stuff and we respect everybody has the right to dignity. So we respectfully ask that people pay our practitioners who donate their time whatever they can afford, even if its just R0.05c.

    Your donations make this possible and in return we help create employment for people to be able to run their own practices.

    If you know someone who needs help with stuttering I can help,  in return you will promise to donate to the Organisation. I cannot guarantee a result in one or more sessions as that depends on many factors but I will refer you to a practitioner in your area that can help.

    Please do donate today, every little bit helps.



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