CPD points are as follows… Examples of CPD – 5 points each unless otherwise specified. 20 CPD points are needed by Practitioners per year. Everyone else does not need to do CPD. However, I find the suggestions below a great way of enriching your knowledge and helping yourself and those you care for to have a happy, healthy, and successful life.

  • Attending practice groups, shares, circles or swaps.

  • Attending conferences/trade shows/ seminars/ AGM/ local event.

  • Attending training (assessed and/or non-assessed)

  • Developing and/or delivering workshops (such as a self-healing group, a weight-loss group, a pain management group, etc.

  • Distance learning and self-development.

  • Gaining additional or more advanced qualifications that enhance the Practitioners offering, such as muscle-testing, Kinesiology, Yoga, Allergy Antidotes, Matrix Reimprinting, Energy EFT, Quantum Touch, Access Bars. In other words, energy healing modalities that enhance the Practitioner’s offering and also help with the Practitioner’s own energy. 15 points.

  • Up-to-date First-Aid training. 15 points.

  • Planning or facilitating training, workshops, etc.Sample CPD Certificate

  • Research – participating in/contributing to/publication of papers.

  • Submission of articles/papers.

  • Peer or senior practitioner supervision.

  • Creating and/or implementing a new business/marketing plan.

  • Publication of a book.

  • Publication of case histories/case series.

  • Keeping abreast of changes in legislation which affect the Practitioner, such as by reading the Energy Healers Organisation Newsletter and government gazettes.

  • Publication of reports.

  • Reading journals/articles.

  • Reflective practice, self-healing, and self-EFT. 15 points.

  • Review of books/articles.

  • Updating knowledge via media, such as Youtube videos of the technique and recording thoughts on what is good or bad about that video.

  • Attendance at branch meetings.

  • Attendance at AGM. 15 points.

  • Contribution to Energy Healers Organisation activities, such as fund-raising or educational activities.

  • Presentation at conferences or local events.

  • Representing the Energy Healers Organisation (EDIT:2015:>now called the Energy Healers Organisation) on committees.

  • Attending meetings.

  • Involvement in Energy Healers Organisation’s community work, such as drug rehabilitation, help at schools, rape trauma, veteran soldier, police/ambulance trauma relief, chronic pain management, mobility enhancement, helping local sports teams, etc. – 15 points.

  • The Practitioner or Master Practitioner or Master Trainer must undertake a minimum of 20 points of Continuing Professional Development per year. These are verified by the member submitting workshop attendance certificates, verifiable reports, or by the member’s Master Trainer submitting verification

Gifting & Receiving Healing Circle

Saturday 28 June

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

R50 Energy Healers Organisation Members,

Members Receive certificate and 5 CPD Points

R100 Non-Members

Vredehoek, Cape Town

Energy Healers Organisation
Branch Code:203809
First National Bank of South Africa(ZA)
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