World class therapy space for rental

    When you start out, sometimes its hard to think about where you will serve your clients from. Home? No has so many issues if you do not have the right space or are not sure of what you need. To help you we have come up with a solution.


    We will provide you with the opportunity to rent space from as little as R260 per day for non Practitioner members and R250 for those who have their practitioner number and have a paid up membership for the next year.

    You get a very secure, safe space that is fully equipped with everything you need, yes even the right music and heaters, at no extra cost. The bed you see is also included in the rental and we even have a credit card machine for you to use for a fee if your clients wish to pay by card.

    You pay a deposit  and promise to keep the space clean for the next practitioner and in return you get a safe space to provide Reiki, EFT and Energy Healing  services from.

    Discounts for Energy Healers Organisation  members*

    officeThe healing space is in a secured CCTV covered well looked after building.  You get your own set of keys that you are responsible for and once your deposit and month in advance rental is paid for the days you have chosen, you get a check in list of what is in the room.  You get to use it from 8am until lock up at 8pm and the MyCiti is just down the street.

    There is parking available from R1200 per month or you can park up the road at Plein park.

    It even has its own kettle and cups and saucers.  Discount for Energy Healers Organisation members means you get it even cheaper.  For only R250 per day, you can hire it once a week while you build up your business. Safe and secure that you have a welcoming space to provide a professional healing space to work from that is not your home and is quiet and welcoming for your clients.

    Contact the CEO, Hilary on 0843351636 or use the contact form to email us for the forms.

    *We will need your ID, proof of home address and contact details as well as your proof that you have been sufficiently trained, if you are a member just supply your paid up current practitioner number in addition to the proof of address & ID.

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