Our first Gathering was a great success. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. We learned a lot of valuable lessons for the Saturday event, one of which is it was too short.

    The team effort was started in a really fun way with Dr Gasana doing the MC’ing brilliantly! Thank you.Sylvester,  Steve Winkle and Nicky Davies are valued members of our team and provide guidance and balance for the board.

    Here is a rough excerpt of the speech. Apologies I went slightly off script as we were under a time constraint so I had to cut the speech to 8 mins exactly on the fly.

    [show_avatar email=1 align=left  show_biography=true ]Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honour and privilege to be here today to speak to you at our annual AGM Gathering.

    For those who are not aware of why we exist I am going to share with you our little journey, I promise this will be very short.

    The Energy Healers Organisation was started on a dream.

    A dream to be able to spread the good to everybody with a specific purpose. The dream came about because I was disabled through a work related fall and when I got helped I wanted to help more people, spread the love around.

    We are   part of something bigger than all of us and  in helping our fellow human beings have a better life we make a difference.

    Each one teach one is and old South African motto   and this is what we do, we teach women & men to “fish for themselves” and in doing this we free people from poverty and the slavery of extreme poverty.

    We have grown into a effective organisation that is getting this thing called Energy Healing accepted by our government – a first for Africa and world first for the Energy Healing Organisation.

    So with a lot of effort and hard work, we have a great team of unpaid volunteers, as none of us gets a wage or a salary we do this with love, determination and as much skill as we each bring to the table. Each of us adds something unique, something special and each one of you here today is also special and its because we share a love for people that we, today all stand here at the first Annual Gathering.

    Without all your help we would not be here today and without Penny’s help I think the progress made would be good, but not as good was what we have managed today.

    You and thousands who we represent, thank you.

    Without further Ado, our speaker Penny Croal.


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