The Vision

    Energy Practitioners Organisation LogoWe have a vision of spreading the word about energy healing throughout Africa and part of that vision is helping the poorest benefit.

    Eventually (or much sooner should someone decide they need to and want to desperately to help and donate a building and or an income to the Charity) we want to have walk in centres where people can come to have help and practitioners can rent space at reasonable cost, we will provide a safe space for practitioners and trainees to help the poor and paying clients daily and have space to hire out to trainers.

    This in turn will help the sustainability of the Charity and help to pioneer the word amongst the people of the world.

    Our members fee help us to build up the funds to take this forward and the donations go towards the projects we run.

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    EFT Trainees

    Its Official

    We have been approved by Govt for tax exempt status and any bona fide donations (donations not in kind) can be issued an official Energy Healers Donations Certificate , just speak to your accountants, we will be issuing donors with the required  papers and on those will be our PBO 930047036 number,the donors name, address of  the organisations and  person making the payments, date and month. Naturally as we already run like this, money donated in terms of the PBO number will only go towards the project chosen by the donor and if not, then by the management team if so desired by the donor in terms of section 18a of the tax act.

    This doesn’t mean donations in kind cannot be given, just that we may not issues tax receipt/donation certificate with  PBO reference number on it, we can issue a normal receipt on request.

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