Our members, practitioners, Trainers and Quality Associate Organisation members make a huge difference, you might not realise just how much of a difference you make but every little bit you do, helps.

    When you pay your membership fees, you empower us  to represent your needs.

    This is how you play a role in the career that you have as a Energy Practitioner.  By keeping your certificate to practice proudly displayed, you also prove to the public that you can be trusted and are proud of your chosen profession.

    Constant Professional Development

    Part of the services we provide at great expense is in the form of the CPD courses from Association Member trainers.

    The trainers provide support to the community and part or all of the fee goes towards the Organisation to help grow the membership and help the Master Trainer to grow their businesses and prestige.

    CPD courses also help you to get more expertise in areas that you otherwise might have missed out on and these can and do help you to have a thriving practice.

    Why CPD?

    Trainers provide these to support their clients and students and in the course of promoting the courses and CPD training days the attendees get issued with a CPD credit which then goes towards a points tally for the year and the trainers get our help to promote the day. 

    Trainers Benefits

    Trainers don’t just pay a small annual fee and get accepted for that fee, it comes with status which in turn comes with responsibilities & duty to the Energy Healers Organisation, the industry body.

    Trainers get the status &   also get the chance to help grow the Organisation and with it their own reputations world wide, not to mention the good work they do within the community.

    Master Trainers Duties & Responsibilities

    Whilst training and growing their businesses in training and as practitioners, Energy Healers Organisation Master Trainers get the privilege of passing on the knowledge they themselves have gleaned on to new trainees, who then pay for this training and included in this training are memberships for the first yea.

    Once the Master Trainers with the Organisation let the HQ know that quality students have passed (this is not automatic if you have not done the required case studies, or done the tests)  and paid over the students’ first year fees, the CEO will then issue the students with their certificate to practice and email the Master trainer & the students with a copy for their own records.

    So once the membership fee from the student via the trainer hits the Organisations account and the required documentation is received letting us know of the new student trainees, then and only then will the trainees certificate be validated with the bar coded number for life which is never issued nor duplicated nor passed on to any other student or practitioner.

    Bar Coded Certificate To Practice – Only Valid For One Year.

    With this comes their certificate to practice that the Organisation issues to the students as acknowledgement of training by the Master Trainers.

    Trainers also have responsibilities beyond just getting a expensive piece of paper, all our current members’ and future trainers are driving this Organisation in many important ways, one of which is membership of new students.

    To get one of these, you and your association will need to have signed our codes and ethics, provided proof of ID, Address and all your training certificates.

    Once we receive the scanned emailed copies for us to store, you will get issued (subject to proof of payment ) your certificate to practice which is valid for one year for practitioner members, quality associate practitioner members and Trainers.

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